Made in Collaboration with The Mandragoras Project

A Film By

Jeremiah Kipp


Scott W. Perry

Laura Lona

Brian Uhrich

Agata Domanska


"So  great...I've never seen anything like it, never had those feelings provoked in me before...gorgeous work!"


"In a single frame Drool can switch from beautiful and intense to an almost grotesquely twisted nightmare and back again."

- Knifed in Venice

"An artistically engaging cocoon of a film..." - Andy Erupts

"DROOL is surreal, haunting and disturbing, but also highly atmospheric, strangely erotic and totally captivating." 

- Horror Movie Diary

"A meditation on sexuality, birth and feminism...layered with meaning and symbolism on the life-creating powers of women and the parasitic nature of men..." - Into the Dark

"DROOL, made in collaboration with Mandragoras Art Space, is an absorbing four minutes that is evocative and atmospheric–alternating between disturbing moments, tenderness, and eroticism. Featuring expressive physical performances from actors Laura Lona and Brian Uhrich, DROOL will linger in the memory." - CoryFilm

"Birth, life, sex and death. Unlike anything else I've seen recently. The actors do a great job of storytelling with their entire bodies...beautifully done." - Cinema Schmimina

"Drool is a vivid and intriguing short film by and the Mandragoras collaborative team." - Director's Live

"This is extremely well filmed and energetic. It is left up to you to interpret it for yourself what DROOL is saying metaphorically. I see it as the two black screens serve as transitions between three stages. The first is between the aloneness and yearning for sexual fulfilment and the coming together of two people who relieve their sexual frustrations and the second is the transitional period between this and the longing fulfilled hence the man getting up to leave after his needs are met and the look of satisfaction on the woman’s face." - Cinematic Shocks

The drool in the movie can stand in for whatever you want: addiction, amniotic fluid, something sexual, something demonic."

- Horror Unlimited

"DROOL is beautifully filmed and directed with precision." - Celluloid Terror

"The stark lack of color allows one to focus on emotion...a feeling of urgent sadness and pain monopolizes your thoughts." - Art Nectar

"My favorite is DROOL. I've never seen anything quite like this dazzle of movement (some might call it dance, or near), drizzle, stunning visuals in monochromatic sepia. It's gorgeous and extremely unsettling, and only four minutes long. You can call thall this experimental film-making (Kipp himself does) but it is not at all difficult to watch or even to understand. It's what it is. And what it is is more than mere surface. One viewer has declared that it concerns the creative female and parasitic male, which makes sense, but then so will a number of other possibilities, I think, which is one of the beauties of art -- which this film most definitely is." - James Van Maanen, Trust Movies

"DROOL's abstractness and fine attention to visual detail make it beautiful, strange, and disturbing."

- Lita Robinson, writer for Screen Comment and Diabolique

"DROOL is a film to be experienced, rather than simply watched and then discussed or reviewed under a conventional set of critical or intellectual parameters. It taps into a primal – even natal – part of the subconscious. It’s erotic in a way that challenges your perception of eroticism if you dwell on it for too long. And there’s a strange beauty inherent in the film even as it lives up to its title in the most unambiguous manner." - Neil Fulwood, Agitation of the Mind

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