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Starring Lauren Fox, Malcolm Madera and Lukas Hassel

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Written by Joe Fiorillo

Produced by Joe Fiorillo and Lauren Rayner

Director of Photography: Dominick Sivilli

Production Design: Kimberly Matela

Edited by: Anthony Moran

Music by Harry Manfredini

Supervising Editor: Patrick McGowan


"THE DAYS GOD SLEPT is all of dread, the existential kind, the kind that speaks to compulsions that spur men to ask questions they don't want the answers to of women that they idealize.  It's wise about how men formulate scenarios and tableaux; smart as hell about the demons of sexual jealousy and self-loathing - and it's all of those things without a hint of the pulpit.  Kipp is smart, moral, meticulous and THE DAYS GOD SLEPT is proof that the short film format is vital, still, when wielded with heat." - Walter Chaw, Film Freak Central

"Visually arresting and provocative work. Definitely requires multiple viewings...dealing with what's at stake in the divulging of an unspeakable trauma. ..." - Kevin B. Lee, supervising producer of ’Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies’, writer for Sight & Sound, the Chicago Sun-Times, Time Out NY and Cineaste.

"THE DAYS GOD SLEPT packs a powerful emotional punch. In the vein of Terrence Malick but more defining, more connective, director Jeremiah Kipp delivers a film with superb production values...Visuals are hypnotic. Sleek, sharp, razor-edged...What is 'truth'? What is 'reality'? Kipp and company let us ponder those questions long after the screen fades to black." - Debbie Lynne Elias, Movie Shark Deblore

"There is mystery and tension at all times...virtually everything conspires to make this short film closest to the world of poetry..." - Anormalmag

"Theology and eroticism -- that's certainly my line of country. I loved the juxtaposition of the Apostle's Creed and the pole dancers. Haunting and hallucinatory...THE DAYS GOD SLEPT takes risks, and I'm glad I saw it." - James K. Morrow, World Fantasy & Nebula Award winning science fiction author / "The Godhead Trilogy" and "This is the Way the World Ends"

"The haunting shot of Kristy in front of a white background is striking and creates additional mystery. Director Jeremiah Kipp and Writer Joseph Fiorillo are exploring the reliability of our memories and whether we truly want them to be accurate. Is it better to live with the fantasy? These issues and more are covered in this intriguing short. It’s not going to make sense up front, but there’s enough depth behind the glossy images to make it a chilling experience. Keep an eye out for THE DAYS GOD SLEPT at a festival near you." - Public Transportation Snob.

"Impressive how much suggestive material there is in those brisk 10 minutes, and how assuredly Kipp expresses it in insinuating, furious strokes. The flashes of surrealism in The Days God Slept are close to Lynch and to Rob Zombie, and yet there's a striking view of inner worlds within worlds (the characters' psyches, the stripclub vs. the park bench) that's very close to Jacques Tourneur's vision of people living with spectral manifestations of the past, of suffering, of the unknown and the unknowable." - Fernando Croce, film critic

"A cinematic prayer that haunts and heals...THE DAYS GOD SLEPT is the kind of film that makes you think, makes you feel and it makes you question yourself and maybe even everyone around you...the film lingers in a cinematic world somewhere between Atom Egoyan and Darren Aronofsky, but with a voice all its own that penetrates your psyche and demands your attention." - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"An interior journey that lingers in the mind...a metaphysical bond between a man and his demons. Definitely has the Jeremiah Kipp stamp on it. Hallucinogenic...sleek...I want more!"

- Dante Tomaselli, director of SATAN'S PLAYGROUND

"Nicely done....looks very good, atmospheric, good performances...trippy, man!"

- James Van Bebber, director of THE MANSON FAMILY

"A stylish and atmospheric directorial effort." - Michael Haberfelner, Research My Trash

"Kristy's prayer for John to save her from her dangerous life is implied in a way that is both poetic and pathetic...a film full of erotic tension tinged with overwhelming sadness..." - Cassie Carnage

"David Lynchian manachaean surrealism with a dollop of PRIMER-esque/INCEPTION-like parallel/alternative reality...Lauren Fox's wonderful expressive quality reminds me of Vera Farmiga..." - Dan Jardine, Cinemania

"Impressive how hypnotic, intricate and carefully crafted this is..." - Michal Oleszczyk, Film Magazine

"One look at the title, and you expect something along the lines of a spiritual experience, and while that’s true to a point, it’s not in the ways one might expect...[full of] dramatic imagery contemplative dialogue and a score by Harry Manfredini that draws us into this short film's elliptical, haunting world. Grade: A-"  - Brian Skutle, Sonic Cinema

"Very atmospheric, moody, emotionally vibrant and ambiguous in a way neither artificial nor pretentious. The lighting and whole strip club milieu called to memory Atom Egoyan's EXOTICA...the surrealistic tones trigger a Lynchian vibe. High praise indeed." - Matt Vanacore, film critic from Filmattic

"THE DAYS GOD SLEPT is an intimate, haunting & symbolic journey into the broken world of two souls, reminding us of Abel Ferrara's universe of poetic despair." - Linda Belhadj, Almost Kael

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