Presented by Russell Penning Productions

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Written and Produced by Russell Penning

Associate Producers Marv Blauvelt, Kitsie Duncan, Chris Jay

Director of Photography: Dominick Sivilli

Special Effects Artist: Arthur Cullipher

Music by Harry Manfredini

Starring: Deneen Melody and Michael Partipilo


"This haunting and experimental film is full of vivid imagery and fantastic music. Kipp shows some real talent in juxtaposing the beautiful with the morose, barraging the viewer with imagery both gorgeous and nightmarish. Kipp relies on weird images and amazing music to force your mind to put together what’s going on. The results are pretty moving." - Ain't It Cool News

"The film has the vague impression of being someone’s terrible, fevered nightmare – a collection of related, stream of consciousness images and a fatalistic march toward an act of self-harm that the waking part of your mind can’t stop. The dreamlike quality of the film reminds one of Maya Derren’s Meshes of the Afternoon..." - Bethany Lewis, Film Snobbery

“This shows off all your abilities as filmmakers. I’m excited to see what’s next.”


“Beautifully shot, lean, economical storytelling.  This is what zero budget genre shorts are supposed to be.  Right the fuck on.”

- Paul Solet, director (GRACE)

“Stylistic and well-shot, CRESTFALLEN showcases the talents of director Jeremiah Kipp and cinematographer Dominick Sivilli. It’s professional, sexy and has the gleam of a polished big budget production. “

– James Dubbeldam, Rogue Cinema

“After CRESTFALLEN it is clear Jeremiah Kipp is just an impressive filmmaker—heartfelt performances from his actors, a disquieting and troubling tone, and the right atmosphere to let the story not only be told but experienced.”

– Kelsey Zukowski, The Critic’s Word

“CRESTFALLEN deals with emotional horror on a much more visceral level than your average slasher flick.  Kipp, who also did the amazing CONTACT, keeps the pacing brisk and straight-forward, even with a non-linear storyline. He also seems to have squeezed every ounce of emotional impact from the limited time here—this guy just kills in short films, and I can’t wait to see a feature from him.”

– Thomas Gleba, NerdRemix

“Jeremiah Kipp guides us through a devastatingly dark piece, but also shows us the glimmer of light ahead, ensuring we end on a note enrobed in hope.”

– James Gracey, author of DARIO ARGENTO: A STUDY

“A sad slice of reality portrayed with empathy by director of photography Dominick Sivilli, whose grace behind the lens draws the viewers in…Deneen Melody’s sad beauty and array of complicated emotions cut straight to the soul.”

– Jennifer Holderness, Wildside Cinema

“The emotional strength of Deneen Melody’s performance provides Crestfallen with its overwhelmingly human core. Powerful, moving and ultimately, surprisingly uplifting.”

– Paul Pritchard, Pulp Movies

“A powerful short that stays with you long after the final scene, Kipp addresses the serious material in a visually stunning, lyrically beautiful way.”


"Jeremiah Kipp is destined for greater things. [His] work transcends the horror genre. His films are dark, dreary, full of suffering, and offer a sliver of hope. They show a confident director with a bold cast. And they prove that you don't need a big budget, just a big imagination."

- Haunted Drive-In

“A moodpiece told through evocative images…director Jeremiah Kipp has an eye for it and draws a compelling performance from lead actress Deneen Melody.”

– (re)Search My Trash

“The combination of Russ Penning's writing, Jeremiah Kipp's directing, and Deneen Melody’s acting makes a magical and unstoppable combination."

- Dollar Bin Horror

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