Commissioned by Sinister Six Productions

Directed by Jeremiah Kipp

Produced by Alan Rowe Kelly and Bart Mastronardi

Director of Photography/Editor: Dominick Sivilli

Special Effects Artist: Daniel J. Mazikowski

Music/Sound Design: Tom Burns / Really Horrible Music

Based on “The Pod” – Written by Carl Kelsch

Starring: Zoë Daelman Chlanda, Robb Leigh Davis, Alan Rowe Kelly, Danny Lopes


“CONTACT explores the excitement and dangers of drug use but also comments on the security and control of the family unit. Jeremiah Kipp is an extremely skilled and talented filmmaker...Zoë Daelman Chlanda is great as the female protagonist...CONTACT is an exemplary piece of art.” – a rave review from UK genre publication Horror Cult Film

“A jolting, intriguing work that is blessed with great style and original substance—one of  The most satisfying shorts to come around in a long time. 5 stars (out of 5)”

– Phil Hall, Film Threat

“While it has a running time of only 11 minutes, CONTACT feels much more substantial because of its message and depth…Absolutely intense!  Amazing on all levels: sound design, camera, lighting, acting – this one is going to win a ton of awards.”

– Marla Newborn, Fangoria

"It's a beautifully made film -- I loved the mouth tunnel!  In fact, I think I did that drug once upon a time. Excellent.  Keep makin' em!"

- Frank Henenlotter, director of BASKET CASE and BAD BIOLOGY

“A very evocative and effectively grotesque mood piece, one which makes very striking use of black-and-white and widescreen -- and a suitably dread-inducing drone soundscape.  Technically, this is among the most accomplished short films I've seen in quite some time, easily on par with equivalent features.”

– Travis Crawford, Programmer, Philadelphia Cinema Alliance/Philadelphia CineFest & noted horror journalist

“CONTACT is an emotionally charged short film/poem…with its rumbling, ethereal sound design and constant barrage of visual metaphor, this trancelike film speaks in dream language. There are themes of trust and desire and family betrayal bubbling under the surface. CONTACT powerfully illuminates the dangers of hardcore drug abuse and reveals, almost subliminally, how once tainted, it’s nearly impossible to escape its savage clutches.”

– Dante Tomaselli, director of SATAN’S PLAYGROUND and HORROR

“Felt like a chapter out of my own dating history. I love the mouth-to-mouth connection and the face tear. Kipp, you are one sick fucker!”

- Paul Solet, director of GRACE

“Gorgeous and grim…CONTACT oozes sinister style. The direction by Jeremiah Kipp and cinematography by Dominick Sivilli is stunning. Kipp creates a claustrophobic, paranoid atmosphere... Zoe Daelman Chlanda gives an absolutely amazing performance, filled with horror and vulnerability.”

– Fatally Yours

“Creating a journey that somehow manages to be both a cautionary tale of drug use and simultaneously a rather celebratory embrace of the journey one's mind travels while high, CONTACT manages to be both horrifying and intellectually satisfying. It feels unjust to sweep this film into the narrow horror short sub-genre. While graphic and horrifying, it transcends genre with its intelligence, sensitivity, intimacy and, perhaps, just a touch of hope. Contact is transcendent horror.”

– Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

“Sensual, dark, nauseating and highly upsetting, CONTACT may only run for 10 minutes but the hallucinogenic impression it leaves with the viewer will echo for much, much longer…CONTACT basks in an eerie glow and quickly sets the mood with an atmosphere seeped in dread.”

– James Gracey, Behind the Couch (author of “The Work of Dario Argento”).

“CONTACT could easily be labeled horror, for all the disturbing images and the overall content, but – like all good horror – the film goes much deeper than graphic imagery or psychological mind games…Kipp knows how to play with the audiences wits, presenting the narrative in a manner that doesn’t feed the story to the viewer, but rather employs the viewers senses. “

– Barry Meyer, PopCereal

“I enjoyed it as much as [Kipp’s previous film] THE POD, and this one has a loopy, early-John Carpenter feel to it!”

– Michael Almereyda, director of HAMLET starring Ethan Hawke and NADJA starring Peter Fonda

“The black and white look made the FX work seem even more gruesome…cinematography and editing [by Dominick Sivilli] blew me away…I’m bummed someone’s not paying Jeremiah Kipp loads of money to make features. He’s clearly talented enough to do it.”

– Mike Bracken, The Horror Geek

“This short is designed to highlight the director’s skills—the best part dives into horror when the woman trips and her face and her lover’s mouth melt together. When they pull back, it’s like something from BEETLEJUICE!  A powerful moment…and doesn’t exactly make drugs look like fun!”

– Ryan Doom, Arrow in the Head

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