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Written and Directed by Jeremiah Kipp
Produced by Rachel Gordon
Director of Photography: Jon Miller
Editor: Jose Pelaez
Music: Rob Reddy
Starring: Austin Labbe, Pete Barker, Tom Reid, Stephanie Foster

"5-stars (out of 5)! Creepy and challenging! A great film! Anyone expecting a Christmas film laced with sentiment and sweetness will get a cold shock here. Handsomely photographed by Jon Miller and beautifully scored by Rob Reddy, The Christmas Party is one of the most polished short films of the year."

-- Phil Hall, Film Threat

"A thoughtful and unsettling holiday tale… Kipp’s direction is remarkably assured, and his Christmas Party is a subtle and absorbing little gem."
-- Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema

"***1/2 (out of 4) Uncompromising…A cannily judged piece with a shattering denouement."

-- Bill Chambers, Film Freak Central/iViews

“An original and successful piece with confident pacing…harrowing…and highly relevant. Having this vulnerable child exposed to this almost pornographic fervor -- unbeknownst to his guardians -- has very dark implications, all effectively evoked.”
-- Larry Fessenden, Writer-Director of HABIT and WENDIGO

“Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed it -- the production values were great -- the acting and script are first rate.”
--Tom Noonan, Actor/Writer/Director (MANHUNTER; WHAT HAPPENED WAS…)

”Powerful and ambiguous...with an even-handedness extended to all the characters. The texture is unique and involving, full of the menace and wonder of childhood.”

-- Andrew Repasky McElhinney, Writer-Director of A CHRONICLE OF CORPSES

“Wonderful…poignant…very timely!”

-- Anne Borin, former Executive Director of NY Expo of Short Film & Video

”Creepy and atmospheric! Great acting!
-- Jon Lap, Long Island Press

“From opening scene to closing credits, the film shines with smooth, rich photography invoking the texture of a New England winter and sets an ominous tone.”

-- Robert Strohmeyer,

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